The President's Office

Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq.

National President

Engr. Jani Ibrahim, FNSE, FAEng. mni, OON

1st Deputy President

Dr. Emi Membere-Otaji, OON, NPoM, DSSRS

2nd Deputy President

Sola Obadimu

Director General

It is my great honor to serve as the President of this esteemed organization, and I am humbled by the opportunity to lead NACCIMA towards a brighter future. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey guided by a clear mission and a compelling vision that will shape the trajectory of Nigerian businesses and the overall development of our economy.

Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq.

The Vision as the 22nd National President


Mission Statement

To empower Nigerian businesses to thrive and contribute to the development of the Nigerian economy by providing excellent services, promoting ethical practices, and creating opportunities for growth and innovation.

Vision Statement

To be the premier National Chamber of Commerce in Africa, recognized for our commitment to promoting sustainable and ethical business practices, empowering entrepreneurs, advancing gender equality, championing intra-African trade and upholding environmental sustainability.

Dele Kelvin Oye Esq.

NACCIMA Presidency