NACCIMA Celebrates 60 Years of Driving Economic Progress

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  • October 10, 2021

The Nigerian Association Of Chambers Of Commerce, Industry, Mines, And Agriculture (NACCIMA) marked a momentous milestone as it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020. The organization, renowned for its unwavering commitment to promoting economic growth, ethical practices, and sustainable development, took this occasion to reflect on its rich history and envision an even brighter future for Nigerian businesses.

Since its inception in 1960, NACCIMA has played a pivotal role in shaping the Nigerian business landscape. Over the past six decades, the association has emerged as a driving force behind economic progress, providing a platform for businesses across various sectors to thrive, collaborate, and influence policy decisions that impact the nation’s growth.

The anniversary celebrations kicked off with a grand event attended by esteemed members, industry leaders, government officials, and distinguished guests. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as speakers took the stage to highlight NACCIMA’s significant contributions to the Nigerian economy.

The event also showcased the journey of NACCIMA through a captivating visual presentation, depicting its evolution from a small organization to a prominent national body. It highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by NACCIMA, such as policy advocacy, trade promotion, capacity building, and fostering partnerships with local and international entities.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, NACCIMA announced several new initiatives aimed at furthering its mission. These include enhanced support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), promoting technological innovation, and strengthening the organization’s role in fostering sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

As NACCIMA enters its seventh decade, the organization remains dedicated to empowering Nigerian businesses, advancing ethical practices, and championing sustainable economic development. With a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence, NACCIMA is poised to shape a future where Nigerian businesses thrive and contribute significantly to the nation’s prosperity.

Congratulations to NACCIMA on its remarkable 60-year journey, and here’s to many more years of driving economic progress and business excellence.

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