Sectoral Groups

The Association has several specialized trade and sectoral groups which are chaired by businessmen and women of proven track record in their respective fields.

This is a group of all the operators in the Oil and Gas Sector. Their core responsibility is to promote local content in the industry while liaising with the government for a friendly business environment for operators in the sector.

The Trade Group was created for the purpose of creating a network of operators within the Agriculture Sector and enable them discuss challenges and opportunities in the sector while also liaising with relevant Government Agencies and Developmental Organizations in policies formulation and other areas of interest.

This is a group of people created to develop a blue print that will enable investors to take advantage of the numerous unexplored opportunities in the Maritime Sector



The group's main objective is to strategies on the best method by which exporters can take full advantage of opportunities available in the export window, while also advocating for a conducive environment for exporters.

In furtherance of NACCIMA’s role as a proactive voice on key business issues and legislations specific to women, the NACCIMA Women Group was constituted by the Executive Committee of NACCIMA on the 7th of December, 2005 as one of the Trade Groups of the Association. The membership of the group is open to all women within the Chamber Development Movement.

The group has the mandate to coordinate the activities of women, not only within the chamber development but also women across the West African sub-region. Its mandate also includes but not limited to the following:   

  • Facilitate women participation in commerce and governance       
  • Identify profitable business and market opportunities for members         
  • Access loans and business information for members          
  • Facilitate trade among women in the chamber development within the ECOWAS sub-region and the world in general.        
  • Annual Trade Exhibition tagged “NIWEX”     
  • Sensitize and raise awareness among local business women within the chamber development and other women business groups in the West African Sub-Region.

Since its inception, NAWORG has coordinated and participated in various activities within Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. NAWORG has organized Trade Missions to Liberia; participated in the Nigeria-Benin Joint Trade Fair; organized workshop for women across the West African Sub-region; participated in the 1st ECOWAS business summit held in Accra Ghana; Joint Trade Fair with Republic of Benin. etc.

The reason behind the creation of Small and Medium Industries is to bring all the industrial operators together to generate ideas on how to enhance the relevance of the sector in the economic emancipation of Nigeria

The NACCIMA Youth Group was established in line with NACCIMA’s cardinal objective of investment in the youth and economic future of Nigeria.

The NACCIMA Youth Council is a Vibrant and Empowered Council that enhances Youth Empowerment for Self-Actualization. The Council educates and trains youths with the knowledge and skills of business and entrepreneurship, to equip them for effective participation in Sustainable National Development.


The objectives of the Council include the following:

  • Educate and train youths in business, vocational training, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • Facilitate youth employment for active participation in national development;
  • Support and encourage active youth participation in the process of development of policies and programmers’ pertaining to doing business in Nigeria;
  • Facilitate the socio-economic and cultural development of youths in the country and;
  • Facilitate youth networking and exchange at national and international levels
  • Promote networking with other national youth bodies and youth organizations abroad with similar objectives.

A group of operators in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism Industry brought together to promote the industry in the country while developing strategies by which the sectors in the country could be developed.

The Mining Trade Group was established to ensure the existence of a strong and viable Mining trade group within the Association.

Other activities include :

  • To prepare memoranda and other position papers that may be required by the Association from time to time on the sector for presentation to the Government and other agencies
  • To identify and create awareness on areas that may be profitable to the Association and its members.
  • To propose advocacy issues/initiatives relating to the sector to the leadership of the Association
  • To sensitize and provide useful information relating to the mines sector as deemed fit.
  • To organize seminars/workshops.

The IT/Telecommunication Trade Group was established to make useful memoranda and position papers on IT/Telecommunication industry of the Nigerian economy;

  • To proffer useful suggestions on how to improve on the ICT industry;
  • To chart possible ways for members to grow their businesses through the use of ICT.
  • To organize seminars/workshops.

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