Membership Benefits

NACCIMA offers programmes and services generally, to serve the business needs of our members. We are committed to the success of the enterprises of all member chambers, companies, associations, etc.

Tangible benefits of NACCIMA membership include:

NACCIMA Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Access to Business information and International and Local Investment opportunities;
  • Bespoke Business Seminars, Workshops, and Training;
  • Regular and Prompt information on Federal Legislative Development and in-depth analysis of the impact of the legislation on business.
  • Representation on tariff negotiation and lobbying to accomplish your organisation’s objective;
  • Nomination to serve on Government approved Boards, Commissions, and Committees;
  • Real-Time access to Date on economic and social issues affecting business and economy;
  • Discounted rates for Certificates of Origin (CO) for Exports;
  • Issuance of Referral letters to members on Business Visa Procurement;
  • Opportunities to build and grow your business network through exclusive access to international B2B meetings;
  • Easy Access to suppliers of Production Materials and Buyer of your output via the Market Access platform;
  • Platform to dialogue with the Government at different levels on policies that affect business;
  • Opportunities to be part of Trade delegations on Trade Missions to Choice Countries of the World.
  • Access to Local and international Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.