Empowering the Future: NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2023

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  • November 20, 2023

The NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurship Summit was a dynamic event that took place on Monday, 20th November 2023. This summit was strategically scheduled just prior to the NACCIMA 4th quarter EXCO meeting. The National President of NACCIMA, Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq., took the opportunity to inspire the youth to pursue legitimate paths to success, discouraging any resort to fraudulent means.

The forum was designed to be interactive, featuring a Q&A session that provided the youth with a platform to voice their thoughts and showcase their businesses. Financial institutions were also present, advertising their loan schemes as potential financial support for these budding entrepreneurs.

In addition, established business moguls graced the event, sharing their inspiring stories and detailing their entrepreneurial journeys. This not only provided valuable insights but also served as motivation for the attendees.

Overall, the summit was a celebration of the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of the youth, providing them with both knowledge and inspiration.

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