Celebrating a New Era of Leadership: Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq Inaugurated as the 22nd NACCIMA National President

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  • June 8, 2023

It is with great joy and excitement that we celebrate the inauguration of Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq as the new National President of the Nigerian Association Of Chambers Of Commerce, Industry, Mines, And Agriculture (NACCIMA). The 63rd Annual General Meeting on 8th June 2023 marked the beginning of a new chapter for NACCIMA, as Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq assumed the mantle of leadership, poised to steer the organization towards greater heights and propel the Nigerian business community to new horizons.

A Vision for Progress:

With a visionary outlook and a steadfast commitment to advancing the interests of Nigerian businesses, Dele Kelvin Oye’s inauguration represents a beacon of hope and opportunity. His extensive legal background and vast experience in the business sector make him a dynamic leader who understands the intricacies and challenges of the Nigerian economy. Under his guidance, NACCIMA is set to embark on a transformative journey focused on driving sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and advocating for a conducive business environment.

A Platform for Collaboration:

During his inauguration speech, Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq emphasized the importance of collaboration and synergy among stakeholders. He outlined his vision of establishing strategic partnerships with government agencies, industry leaders, and international organizations to promote investment, trade, and economic development. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, NACCIMA, under Dele Kelvin Oye’s leadership, aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs and drives Nigeria’s economic progress.

Advancing Business Advocacy:

As the voice of the Nigerian business community, NACCIMA has been instrumental in advocating for policies and reforms that support entrepreneurship, attract investments, and drive sustainable development. With Dele Kelvin Oye at the helm, the organization will continue its efforts to engage with policymakers, present business-friendly proposals, and champion the needs of Nigerian businesses at both the national and international levels. His unwavering commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and good governance will be the guiding principles of NACCIMA’s advocacy initiatives.

Empowering the Next Generation:

Recognizing the importance of youth and women in economic growth, Dele Kelvin Oye has outlined plans to prioritize the empowerment and inclusion of these groups in business activities. Through targeted programs, mentorship initiatives, and capacity-building efforts, NACCIMA will foster an environment where aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive, innovate, and contribute to Nigeria’s economic transformation.


As we celebrate the inauguration of Dele Kelvin Oye, Esq as the new National President of NACCIMA, we are filled with optimism and anticipation for the future. His leadership, combined with the collective efforts of NACCIMA’s members, will undoubtedly shape a prosperous and sustainable future for Nigerian businesses. Let us rally behind Dele Kelvin Oye’s vision, collaborate for growth, and work together to propel Nigeria to new frontiers of economic success.

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